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Coach Julio Peña and Thrive Boxing Gym - The Legacy

December 2019 – The Scars Foundation Donates To Thrive Boxing



Sully Erna of the multi-platinum hard rock band, Godsmack announced on behalf of The Scars Foundation a $12,500 donation to the Inner-City Youth Boxing Program at Thrive Boxing & Fitness in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

In 2016, Coach Pena was honored by the New Hampshire Governor’s Council on Physical Activity and Health for his commitment and support of fitness and community efforts. Coach Pena’s Thrive Boxing gym reaches out to young people not only to support good health and fitness, but to help make a difference in young lives that may be leading in the wrong directions.


By putting students in the boxing ring, or on the martial arts mat, it’s not just training the specifics for successful boxing matches, but it’s also creating an environment where students can find support and hope while struggling with life issues.”  Sue Centner, executive director of Community Alliance for Teen Safety, or CATS, said Pena’s efforts “should be honored and are a success story for those who may be trying to steer away from dangerous behaviors or risky decisions.”  Read the Eagle Tribune full article here or download the news article from our website.

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