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THRIVE BOXING GYM - Train Like A Boxer

Thrive Boxing Gym is the only authentic boxing, training and fitness gym in Southern NH.  Train like a professional fighter with Coach Peña and get into fighter shape!  You’ll gain strength, endurance, discipline, and confidence. Recreational boxing is a great way to get into top physical shape.  Thrive also coaches beginners, advanced, non-competitors and competitors along with amateurs, professionals, and MMA fighters.


Designed For Every Level Of Fitness

Thrive Boxing offers strength, fitness and boxing programs for everyone! We train kids, teenagers and adults. 


Boxing helps condition and improve both physical agility and mental agility. Our programs are perfect for all ages and all physical fitness levels.


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Strength Training

Pad Work


Bag Work

Core Conditioning

Boxing and Fitness Training for Everyone


Is being fit, healthy and strong your goal? Are you looking for a fitness routine that conditions your mind as well as your body? Thrive Boxing will help you reach your ultimate physical goal!

Get into the best shape of your life with boxing! Some of the fittest people around continue to use boxing and martial arts in their workout routines. 

Boxing and strength training are proven to be effective ways to get you fit and in shape while increasing your strength, endurance and stamina. You may even lose the weight that you’ve wanted to lose.

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Training and Boxing Events For Amateurs and Professionals


For those serious about pursuing the next degree of boxing and the next level in a boxing career, Thrive Boxing Gym offers professional training and fighting events. Train under the guidance of Coach Peña, who has 30+  years experience training amateur and professional boxers. 


Coach Peña has worked with Olympians and has trained National Champions and Open Class Golden Glove Champions.


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